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About Me

- Hi! I'm Annie -
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I am a writer, a storyteller, a translator, and a creator! 

I received my B.A. in Fairy Tales and Translation Studies from Hampshire College in 2014 and have experience in copywriting, literary translation, and corporate consulting.

I also love thinking about life, love, the universe, and everything. Sometimes I write down my thoughts, and very VERY occasionally I post those thoughts to my blog, which can be found on the homepage of this website (Or by clicking "blog" on the navigation menu. Although I think it's safe to say you've been on the internet before. If not...well done you! I'm impressed).

- further reading -

I am a proud, unschooled human. If you are interested in unschooling, or are curious to learn more, visit!

To read my books, either click the "Books" link above, click here, or visit whenever you like!

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